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Fundraiser Strategies offers a wide range of philanthropic consulting services to meet your needs
How do you drive growth for your nonprofit? We have the answers!

Our wide range of nonprofit consulting services are backed by industry knowledge and expertise. See the difference by working with us.

  • Coaching

    Constantly fighting the tyranny of the urgent?

    Feel unable to tackle long-term projects?

    Want to advance your career at ?

    Why consider an executive coach?

    • You have an accountability partner who has only one agenda item – helping you maximize your productivity!
    • You have a business partner who helps you redefine your role in your organization, establish short- and long-term goals and the framework to achieve them.
    • You learn new techniques for problem solving and decision making.
    • You think more creatively and ask for input from others.
    • You avoid mistakes by learning from my 30 years’ of ‘hard knocks’!
    • You discover new alternatives and opportunities through intense focus.
    • You have a business partner who successfully operates nonprofit and for-profit businesses, who has sat in your chair – and who understands the toll being a CEO takes on you.
    • You benefit from a network of executive resources developed over the course of 30 years.
    • You broadly transform your perspective with the personalized support to make changes necessary for your success.
  • An African American female teenager and her parents consult with a female Caucasian doctor.
    Strategic Development

    Success never happens overnight. Every successful business has a strategy and successful non-profits are no exception. Your brand, team, communications, and structure are all intertwined. Fundraiser Strategies works with you to craft an intentional and comprehensive blueprint to empower your organization.

    Our focus centers on your current and future donors. Core principles and bold visions can inspire donors and assist you in understanding your donor motivations. Fundraiser Strategies facilitates strategic philanthropic development planning through the following offerings:

    • Donor Assessments – how do your current donors view your nonprofit?

    • Donor Surveys & Focus Groups – test your communication tactics, organizational priorities, and key messages.

    • Board Development – board members are crucial to your success, but learn how best position your board – both individually and collectively – to assure ongoing viability.

    • Building a Culture of Philanthropy – customized board and staff trainings and retreats, Fundraiser Strategies strengthens your culture from the top-down and grassroots levels.

    • Branding - reach your audience with an image that is not only visually appealing, but also helps you curate a design that uniquely represents your brand.